The wineyard

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The Castelvecchio Agricultural Estate is located in Terricciola, a hillside village in Tuscan province of Pisa that originated as a small Etruscan village at the merging point of the Era and Cascina valleys with the Sterza waterway. The 59 acre (24 hectare) estate property is divided into land for sowing, olive and fruit groves. The initial core of property, the farmhouse and its surrounding land, has been inhabited and cultivated by the family since 1956. 

Love for  the land is something that is handed down from generation to generation. In 1997, the family’s youngest daughter, Claudia, took charge of  this legacy. With the help and support of brothers and cousins, in 2002 the family decided to resume the original and traditional activity of the family farm and the Terricciola territory: the cultivation of  vine. To realize your project with the labour of your own hands, to solve problems and find solutions is the challenge. So, the vineyard was planted and the winery built. The wooden doors were crafted and frames constructed for the cane mats used to dry grapes for the production of Vin Santo. It has all been made with family “know how”, and with care and love. The entire family is engaged in this enterprise; it is the realization of a dream and the fruition of a passion.